The Weaning of Goods – A mechanical affair

The weaning of goods, a mechanical affair, investigates the mechanisms and times that govern the rhythms inside the port terminals. The film is set in the Multiservice and Container terminals of the commercial port of Porto Marghera, inserted in the Venetian industrial area.
The work is a mechanical symphony that allows to become aware of these places dedicated to the transfer of goods arriving from the sea or next to long crossings, when it is not yet available for retail sale.

Although the commercial port is an important hub for the traffic of goods (grains, heavy metals, foodstuffs, small goods); the space remains little accessible and known.

The photography of the video focuses on the different dynamics that mark the hours in this assembly line in the open air, with silent curiosity. The sound resumes the intimate majesty of the place, using only sounds shot within the site and subsequently distorted or brought to their full potential, alternating with loud peaks sound caused by industrial material and slow mechanical movements in a continuous and sudden exchange and dialogue with the spectator. ¬¬

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Video shots: Canon 6d, Canon 24-70mm f / 2.8L lenses, Canon 100mm
Audio record: Sound Devices 722 (recorder), Rode NTG-3, NT55 matched pair (mics)